Tricky Ways by Which the Medical Lobby Controls Your Health and Life (1927)

This article by socialist author John Spivak was first published in the April 1927 issue of Bernnarr Macfadden’s magazine, Physical Culture.

John Spivak 1927 1.png

Spivak 2

spivak 3

spivak 4

spivak 6

spivak 7

spivak 10

spivak 141.png

spivak 11


The following month Spivak had his second (and final) article published in Physical Culture. He would later publish a book-length critique of the AMA as The Medical Industry Unmasked.

spivak May1

spivak May2

spivak May3

spivak May4

spivak May5

spivak May6

spivak May7

spivak May8

spivak May9

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